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Wednesday, 02 November 2016 17:09

Breaking Barriers

In the spirit of mentorship and business innovation Trish Tonaj has written a book sharing the stories of 10 Entrepreneurial Women.

Friday, 08 July 2016 15:30

The Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Many Negotiators have more or less clear ideas of how existing negotiations should run and mostly feel in retrospect that their foresight is confirmed. This often has less to do with analytical or clairvoyant abilities and rather more to do with psychological influencing factors.

Apart from the case of single person owned company, it seldom happens that only one person is involved with a business or business unit in negotiations. Usually it is between a few and many persons who lead negotiations on behalf of the company, whether this be in sales, purchasing, partners, authorities etc. The more people who are involved in negotiations, the more varied the negotiation results turn out to be. What are the reasons why companies often cannot target an overall success and how can the performance, consistency and predictability of all negotiations led be improved and stabilised?

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